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Wellbeing might not be found only in pills, potions and lotions, it could also be in the clothes you wear. Everyone knows that the right clothes make you look good. But now they can make you feel good too – and it’s not just the fleeting sensation of retail therapy either. SKINTEX® active care from Pulcra Chemicals means clothes that provide a sense of wellbeing that you can really feel, from your nose to your toes.

A highly sophisticated fabric ingredient, SKINTEX® helps take gentle care of your tired feet, release your body from the stresses of everyday life with invigorating aromas, and give you velvety soft skin. In fact, it can even banish the mosquitoes when you’re on holiday. And that’s not all. If washed according to instructions, SKINTEX® lasts several washes.



SKINTEX® insect repellent contains highly effective and well proven ingredients that have been successfully used as mosquito repellent for decades. The slightest change in the weather and they are there in swarms: mosquitoes and midges. Scented candles, creams and electric zappers are barely enough to deter them from eating us alive. And if you like being in the great outdoors, then you have little choice but to keep reapplying cream from tip to toe – or be bitten. Until SKINTEX® fabrics containing SKINTEX® insect repellent mean you don’t have to worry about a cream wearing off. In fact, everywhere that your body is covered by SKINTEX® fabric you are protected against the annoying little pests. SKINTEX® protection can be applied to a variety of materials and is effective against mosquitoes and more.



  • Protection against mosquitoes built into your clothes
  • Safe and well tested repellents
  • Contains well-known effective ingredients


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Clubbing, shopping and exercising – activities that get you very hot, but this is when you want to look your freshest. These are exactly the times when you need the cooling effects of SKINTEX® active care. High-tech microcapsules are built directly into the fabric and release their active care ingredients – leaving you feeling cool, calm and relaxed. The fresh SKINTEX® effect is ideal for fashion which is worn close to the skin. SKINTEX® active care ingrediants are made from natural based materials. Indeed, all the ingredients used have a well established reputation for good skincare.So if you want to be a trendsetter – or if you just prize function as highly as form – SKINTEX® provides great added value.



  • Natural source ingredients: Myritol, Menthol
  • Provides the skin with high-grade cosmetic active ingredients



Let’s face it: it’s not just women that have tender and sensitive skin. Men do too. And now there’s a way for everyone to moisturize but without anyone seeing them do it. Clothes equipped with SKINTEX® deliver a valuable skincare regime all day long.So all you have to do is get dressed and feel comfortable. The moisturizer comes from your clothes, rather than soaking into them. SKINTEX® active care treated socks, underwear and shirts all become active clothes playing an important role in your skincare needs.The principle is simple: Microcapsules are filled with high-grade care ingredients which are released gradually onto the skin, ensuring a supply over many hours. In fact, you’ll feel the effect within a short period of time. The appearance of extremely dry skin may be noticeably improved. And because its effects can last over several washes, it’s a helpful solution for wellbeing and moisturized skin. SKINTEX® is good for all kinds of skin.



  • Natural source ingredients: Vitamin E, Monoi de Tahiti, Squalane, Passion fruit oil
  • Provides the skin with high-grade cosmetic ingredients
  • Proven efficacy in clinical tests



How do you feel after a long, stressful day when you haven’t had a chance to rest your legs? Have you ever suffered from tired and heavy legs? For anyone who is all too familiar with such discomfort, Pulcra offers a convenient, refreshing and stimulating solution: legwear treated with SKINTEX®. Just wearing this legwear causes natural-source, active ingredients to be gradually released from microcapsules, keeping your legs from feeling tired. It will revitalize and refresh your legs, while giving you a feeling of wellbeing. SKINTEX® is based on essential oils derived from vegetable sources like plants and fruits.



  • Natural-source ingredients: Lemon, Grapefruit, Peppermint Oil, Thyme
  • Provide your legs with high-grade cosmetic active ingredients



After a hard week, you need to replenish your energy levels. However, that’s easier said than done. One thing that can help is the revitalizing scent of SKINTEX®. SKINTEX® microcapsules are filled with high-grade ingredients that are anchored into the fabric and slowly release a revitalizing aroma – bringing new verve into your life. All of these ingredients are based on organic plants and fruits. Even after a number of washes SKINTEX® microcapsules remain active.



  • Natural source ingredients: Orange, Mint, Lemon, Rosemary,
  • Ginger, Clary oils
  • Lifts body and soul
  • Reawakens all senses



It’s a typical evening.You’ve left the working day behind you, you’ve changed into your favorite comfy clothes and you’re about to indulge in some serious sofa time … But you just can’t unwind. The problem lies in the clothes you are wearing. Instead, choose clothes containing SKINTEX® that release a pleasant and relaxing scent based on organic plants which is ideal for putting your feet up and letting your hair down. Based on microcapsule technology, SKINTEX® slowly releases aromas well known for their calming and soothing properties. A typical evening no longer means tying yourself in knots with stress.



  • Natural source ingredients: Lavender, Geranium and Valerian oils,
  • Amber tree resin extract
  • Calm you down and soothe your senses
  • Balancing and relaxing
  • Efficacy proven in clinical trial



How does it work? The principle is simple: The SKINTEX® microcapsules are embedded into the fabric.These are lled with high-grade ingredients and, over time, they are slowly released onto your skin.
The contents of the microcapsules include well-known skincare ingredients and aromatic fragrances. This means that as long as you are wearing your clothes, your skin will be looked after and you’ll feel good too. Every fabric, be it a natural or synthetic material, can be  tted with SKINTEX®. What’s more, this can be achieved through existing manufacturing processes – so there is no need to buy additional machines to incorporate SKINTEX® into your fabrics.



A study conducted in Hamburg showed that after only two days of using SKINTEX®, the appearance of the skin is visibly improved. Twelve testers wore SKINTEX® socks for eight hours and two days. Each time they wore a SKINTEX® treated sock on one leg and an untreated one on the other. The research found that 67% of the test subjects loved the product and 56 % would buy it immediately. (The test was conducted using knee-high socks equipped with SKINTEX®made of a mixture of cotton, polyamide and elastane.)

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Pulcra is a worldwide operating company and supplier of innovative specialty products with profound process and engineering know-how. Based on more than 140 years of experience and partnering with customers, Pulcra takes care of both the regulatory requirements in our most important target markets and also the prevailing trends relating to health and safety and ecological sustainability.

We are present in all relevant markets while eagerly identifying new business opportunities and flowering markets.





Responsibility for mother earth is more than being familiar with statutory requirements. At Pulcra, we are committed to finding a healthy balance between economic, ecological and social demands, without compromising the development opportunities of future generations.

We recognize that saving energy and natural resources means not only being economically successful today but more importantly being actively in line with a flourishing future. This applies to our company generally, and our products specifically.

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